Saturday, March 06, 2021

small picIn observance of the 88th Saudi National Day, Fahad Bin Sultan University organized on Thursday, Sept. 27th, 2018 the “Glory and Exaltedness” Championship. The final match, which was played between the teams of the Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Dept. of Civil Engineering, ended in favor of the team of the Electrical Engineering Dept. 2-1. The final match was attended by Dr. Sameer Bataineh, Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Dr. Abdallah Quda, Assistant to the Chancellor for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Dr. Salman Balawi, Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Amer Magableh, Dean of the College of Engineering and Mr. Jihad Mattar, Director of Sports Activities Dept. At the closing ceremony of the championship, trophies and medals were presented to the winning team and the best player in the championship.

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sports fullUnder the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Mohammad Al-Luhidan, FBSU Director, and with the presence of Mr. Aiyed Alqarni, Director General of Tabuk Directorate of Education, the Tabuk High School Football Tournament was concluded at FBSU’s sports ground on Thursday, March 6th, 2018. The final match, which was played between Manarat Tabuk and Alabnaa Alrabi’ah high schools, ended in favor of Manarat Tabuk high school team 1-0. At the end of this activity, Dr. Al-Luhidan and Mr. Alqarni presented medals and trophies to the winning teams. On his part, Dr. Abadllah Albouq, supervisor of the Physical Education Dept. in the Tabuk Directorate of Education, expressed his sincere thanks to FBSU for hosting this tournament. The match was attended Dr. Massad Al-Balawi, Dean of Student Affairs and Mr. Jihad Mattar, Director of the Sport Activities Department, FBSU faculty members and masses of high school and university students.