Saudi Council of EngineersFBSU received on Sunday, Nov.5, 2017 Dr. Mohammad Tajuddin Alhaj Huseein, Chair of Concrete Dept. in the Saudi Council of Engineers. During the visit, Dr. Alhaj Hasan delivered a lecture on advantages and applications of the natural pozzolans in green concrete within the 2030 Vision, which aims at promoting sustainable development in this field. The lecture was attended by Dr. Amer Magableh, Dean of the Engineering College, faculty members, and a mass of students. During the visit, Dr. Alhaj Hussein toured the labs of the College of Engineering where he was briefed on the machinery and research instruments, particularly those related to the use of pozzolans. For his part Dr. Alhaj Hussein expressed his deep admiration for the high level of the carried out projects and the advanced level of the college's facilities. He also expressed his department's readiness to cooperate with the University in terms of the co-supervision of students' graduation projects on pozzolans.