Sunday, July 05, 2020

His Excellency FBSU President Mohammad Al - Luhidan signed on Tuesday, February 28th , 2017 two agreements with both the General Directorate of Roads and Transport represented by Engineer Metlaq Bin Al-Asmar Alshari, and the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) represented by Engineer Mesaed Bin Fahad Algaba'.

The agreements goals and terms are focused on promoting the performance and skills of the two institutions' cadres and the efficiency of production. Those goals can be realized through what the university provides in terms of the quality teaching and training, the qualified professionals and the state-of-art laboratories.

By signing such agreements, the University seeks to boost the bonds of societal work between FBSU and the local community and to enhance community service with a view to materializing the 2030 Vision that adopts integration plans among all Saudi institutions for the benefit of Saudi society at large.

Moreover, all signing parties agreed upon availing of the competencies of the University's professors and personnel in the different fields of knowledge including engineering, scientific research and graduate studies programs. They also agreed on organizing joint activities. Additionally, these agreements represent the cornerstone of FBSU enterprise to empower its students – males & females - to be active participants as trainees in all the massive ongoing city projects in the Tabuk region.