Thursday, June 17, 2021

A new modern Electrical Machine Lab is open to studentsNew advanced laboratory equipments furnishing an Electrical Machines Lab have been installed this Fall semester 2015 supporting Electrical Machines, Electric Drives, and Power Systems labs and courses. This fall semester students already started using the new lab equipments in their Electrical Machines Lab ELEE 460L.

The hardware in the Electrical Machines lab of the Electrical Engineering Department is from Lucas Nülle that is known for excellence in technology and equipment for engineering education, and training. Training to faculty members of the Electrical Engineering Department on the new equipments, hardware and software was provided by Lucas Nülle trainer Dr. Hans Laufer.

This laboratory would improve Electrical Machines knowledge of our students who will be future engineers and get university education as close to engineering in practice as possible, and enhance students experience. This lab equipped and set up to teach the different aspects of Electrical Machines and make all tests and measurements that the students need to become familiar with various Electrical Machines such as DC/AC Motors, Generators, and Transformers. Experiments conducted provide students hands-on and gain practical experience with Transformers and various real machines. Experimental data could be stored directly on a computer through a software and computer interface to quickly compare between experimental and theoretical results. The lab can also be used and associated with a number of core and elective courses and labs in the area of Machines, Circuits, Drives, Power, and Control in the Department of Electrical Engineering. The main experiments of Electrical Machines lab listed in Table 1.


Electrical Machines Lab


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