Wednesday, February 28, 2024

dr abdullahI am quite honored to greet you to the Fahad Bin Sultan University. Being Chancellor to this institution, I am rather delighted to welcome you as visitor to this university website, as I would welcome prospective students and newly recruited world-class faculty members who stand in service of this university community.

As chancellor to this progressive academic institution, my primary chore would be to offer my best in service of this university, its student body, the faculty and the local community at large. In so doing, I will always keep it in the back of my mind that without carefully executed planning, while maintaining a student-centric approach, little can be achieved with much merit towards the end.

While keeping university's mission, vision and the service of the local society and beyond in focus, I will constantly work closely with the president of this institution to bring things to bear with our ultimate objective being the outcome of the process we foster to be well lined up with national development objectives that towards the end fulfill the country's sustainable development efforts.

I will work closely with college deans and directors of administrative units and service centers to warrant the highest standards in administrative procedures and endeavors. Our focus would primarily be towards recruitment efforts based on professional merits and student orientation that would be in good service to institution, community service and the inculcation of a sense of good citizenship to community and country.

As I execute the chores of my duty, while leveraging my time-long expertise in the academic arena, I have it in my conscience that a successful community-serving academic institution must have the following items playing as center stage to the betterment of the student community and society at large. These include:

  1. Inculcating a sense of good citizenship

  2. Instilling high professional values

  3. Upholding professional ethics at the student as well as the faculty community levels

  4. Availing a healthy worker-friendly environment capable of luring in a highly competent workforce

  5. Fostering outcome-based, student-centric quality education while providing well-rounded curricular offerings commensurate with international standards

  6. Introducing a culture of effective competitiveness that ultimately leads to innovative ideas and a culture of entrepreneurial spirit across the academic community

  7. Emphasizing the importance of industrial-academic links that stand in support of the local and regional industrial sectors

  8. Promoting a culture of technological/business incubation that ultimately leads to start-up and spin-off companies

  9. Bringing together curricular offerings that best serve the community and local and international market requirements

  10. Fostering a dynamic academic setting that adapts fairly readily with changing market needs

  11. Encouraging faculty to get involved in a productive research mindset offering incentives for distinguished research endeavors by faculty

  12. Supporting genuine academic endeavors that lead to world class accredited program offerings

  13. Maintaining collaborative programs with leading academic institutions and research centers across the globe

  14.  Promoting international exchange programs in support of cross-cultural activities

Finally, I will always have it at heart to recruit the best there is into the faculty body and create every possible incentive to retain highly excelling faculty members recognizing that being highly selective always goes hand in hand with productivity and quality of execution when it comes to recruitment and retention of people into the institution.

Again, welcome to the Fahad Bin Sultan University as I would welcome your suggestions, thoughts and complaints that you feel would ultimately move this institution forward.

Abdallah I. Husein Malkawi, Ph.D
University Chancellor
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.