Sunday, April 21, 2024


Welcome Message



On behalf of College of Sciences and Humanities at Fahad Bin Sultan University, it is my pleasure to extend a warm welcome to you. For freshman and transfer students, thank youl mbtoosh 1521459717 for joining us; for returning students, thank you also for continuing to pursue your degree with us. For all guests, it is my honor to welcome you to the College of Sciences and Humanities.  

The faculty and staff members of the College are cooperatively unified and consolidated to better serve the students and make the University a leading institution of higher education not only in Tabuk, but also in the region at large. Through the wide spectrum of courses it offers, the College constitutes the heart of the University as it serves the entire student body at all levels; the college offers a variety of courses in basic sciences (chemistry and physics), mathematics, languages (Arabic, English, and French), physical education, and social and cultural studies (World Civilizations and Islamic Culture). These courses bestow the foundational liberal arts core for the undergraduate education of the students at the University great professional schools. In addition to the varied courses it offers, the college grants bachelor's degrees in two programs, viz., English Language and Translation, and Law.

Now, more than ever, graduates live in a world in which the ability to integrate knowledge and skills from a variety of disciplines is increasingly important. The College fully recognizes this fact and is constantly working to create opportunities for students to integrate and apply what they learn and achieve.

I am so pleased to welcome you to this distinguished community of learners and scholars who will help you achieve your dreams and empower you with skills, knowledge, and competency that will last a lifetime.



Mousa A. Btoosh, Ph.D.
Professor of Linguistics
Acting Dean, College of Sciences and Humanities
Fahad Bin Sultan University