Sunday, April 21, 2024

The bridging program allows students with a two year technical diploma to continue their studies to earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. The program gives credit to up to 40% of equivalent courses previously taken. Placement exams are administered at the beginning of studies to offer compensatory coursework and build a solid foundation to participating students.

Admission Requirements

Admission of Diploma graduates to the B.Ad. program at the College of Business & Administration is based on the General University admission requirements. The applicant must, however, be a graduate of a KSA-accredited academic organization and must have passed the official technical exam administered by the relevant governmental authority. A student applying to the program may first be admitted to the foundation program that may take up to one year to complete based on his/her performance in the English Entrance Exam and in the placement exams.

Program Requirements

In order to graduate with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration a diploma holder is expected to complete a total of 134 credit hours by the end of his fourth year of academic courses. He is entitled to get an exemption for up to 40% of the required credits depending on his entry
qualifications. Hence the program of study can normally be completed in about two years beyond the Foundation Year Program (for a student entering in Bridging English level 2).