Wednesday, February 28, 2024

The business program is committed to providing the local region's residents with meaningful, up-to-date skills and knowledge that will allow them to pursue successful careers and make deep impacts both within the Tabuk province, and across the Gulf region at large. With these objectives in mind, the program is designed around fostering contemporary best practices and skills in line with the job opportunities within Tabuk and the Middle East.

Situated in north-western Saudi Arabia, approximately one hour from the Jordanian border, the region of Tabuk has a population of approximately 800,000. Agriculture has been the most prominent sector in the province, with large agricultural firms such as ASTRA Agricultural Company having significant presence and operations in the region. Tabuk is now beginning to witness marked growth in other business sectors, with the emergence of a number of small banks and services firms. The military is also substantially linked to the Tabuk region through the military base located in the province, with a large segment of Tabuk's inhabitants having some form of personal or professional relation or interaction with the military base.

Given this, graduates from the College's bachelor degree are poised to take advantage of numerous job opportunities within the Tabuk province itself, and in the growing Saudi and Gulf markets. As such, the business program aims to provide the residents of Tabuk with relevant business knowledge and practices to cater to these three key areas, and to help promote development, growth and prosperity in the region. Courses target the cultivation of practical business tools to pursue strategic development and integration of the agricultural sector with other prominent sectors in the region, and to allow students to pursue managerial and administrative positions within the growing firms in this sector.

Management, accounting, finance, and entrepreneurship courses within the program cater to the development of these key skills. Similarly, the program will enable students to join the growing financial services industry within Tabuk and become the future leaders within the Gulf’s top financial services firms. The program also seeks to add value to students from the army by helping develop management and higher administrative skills through workshops and coursework, and to provide synergistic knowledge and solutions between business and engineering for the military.

Finally, the program was designed with the aim of attracting the best and brightest students from all regions within Saudi Arabia, by providing the highest standards in business education to allow students to capitalize on and continue to drive the phenomenal growth that the region has witnessed in recent years, through dedicated teaching and the provision of the best and most up-to-date business knowledge in the fields of finance, accounting, management, marketing, and business information and decision support systems.