Monday, September 25, 2023
Dr. Nazar El Fadel

Dr. Nazar El Fadel


PhD, University of Technology Malaysia, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2002.

Msc, University of Technology Malaysia, Computer Science (Network Security), Malaysia, 1998.

B.Sc. (Honors Class) in Engineering Technology (Telecommunication & Control) – University of Gezira, Sudan, 1993.

Research Interest

My research interests can be grouped into the following key areas:

• Vehicle Communication & Accidents Prevention (System for communicating a vehicle position and speed during accident)

• Network & Information Security (Integration of a handwritten signature and digital signature for fulfilling the cultural gap between handwritten and digital signature)

• Medical Engineering(Identification of Patients with Congestive Heart Failure Using Different Neural Networks Approaches)

• Wireless Sensor Network (A Voting Median Base Algorithm for the Approximate Performance Monitoring of Wireless Sensor Networks)

• Machine Learning& Automation(Automated Knowledge Acquisition)

• Engineering Education(Embedded Systems PEDAGOGICAL ISSUE: Teaching Approaches, Students Readiness, AND Design Challenges)

Telecommunication (Pathloss determination using Okumura-Hata model and spline interpolation for missing data)

Curriculum Vitae