Sunday, April 21, 2024

As part of their fourth year, all College of Computing students following the bachelor program are required to carry out a project and submit a technical report. This project is a substantial piece of work that will require creative activity and original thinking. Students in groups, normally three per group, are supervised while working on a project accounting for four credits, extending over a full academic year. The project aims to provide students with a transitional experience from the academic world to the professional world. It is designed to serve as a platform on which students in teams engage in a meaningful design experience requiring the solution of engineering design projects. The objectives of the final year project are:

• To allow students to demonstrate a wide range of the skills learned at the College of Computing during their course of study by asking them to deliver a product that has passed through the design, analysis, testing and evaluation stages.
• To encourage multidisciplinary research through the integration of material learned in a number of courses.
• To allow students to develop problem solving, analysis, synthesis and evaluation skills.
• To encourage teamwork.
• To improve students> communication skills by asking them to produce both a professional report and a professional poster and to give an oral presentation on their work. The project is important for a number of reasons:
• It is the largest single piece of design work that a student does during his/her bachelor degree program.
• It allows students to specialize in a topic that they enjoy.
• It is the work that prospective employers will most likely ask students about during an interview.
• It allows students to show a wide range of the skills learned since the first year.
• Students must demonstrate these skills by delivering a product that has passed through the design, analysis, testing and evaluation stages.