Sunday, April 21, 2024


The mission of the Civil Engineering Department (CE) is to:

· Offer high-quality education that encompasses basic engineering sciences in both the traditional and emerging areas of the discipline;
· Prepare graduates to adapt to global and domestic engineering challenges and changing industry practices;
· Foster student-faculty relationship that enrich teaching and learning;
· Develop scholarship and encourage public service;
· Maintain an academic environment characterized by integrity and respect;
· Prepare graduates for lifelong intellectual and professional development;
· Contribute to economic prosperity of the Kingdom and the region.


The Civil Engineering program is designed to achieve the following objectives:

· To impart a sound understanding of the fundamental principles and concepts of civil engineering.
· To develop the mathematical, scientific, and computational skills in formulating and solving civil and environmental engineering problems.
· To cultivate the skills pertinent to the engineering design process, conduct of experiment, analysis and interpretation of data.
· To expose students to real-world problems of multi-disciplinary nature while addressing relevant social, environmental, economical and aesthetic concerns.
· To develop effective teamwork and communication skills and prepare students for leading roles in the profession and the community.