Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Providing sound business education to Saudi youth from the Tabuk area and other parts of the Kingdom.

  • Producing highly qualified employable graduates who can meet the changing requirements of the labor market at the para-professional, professional and senior professional levels in such areas as Management, Marketing, Accounting, Management Information Systems and related competencies.
  • Providing faculty members with the needed facilities and with an international exposure to partner institutions in order for them to develop their academic expertise.
  • Building close ties of cooperation with industry within and beyond Tabuk with a view to fostering strategic partnerships, cultivating various programs of cooperation and complementing each other in the interest of better management practices.
  • Providing relevant open-ended, customized, function-specific and sector-specific management training programs to private and public organizations in Tabuk and the rest of the Kingdom.
  • Building capacity for conducting applied research relevant to the problem-solving needs of various companies and sectors.
  • Cooperating with other Business Colleges in KSA and outside to build networks, leverage resources and better fulfill its mission.