Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Core Values

  • Reinforcement of national identity and cultural authenticity
  • Uncompromising pursuit of quality educational services to students in ways that enhance cognitive skills, cultivate personality and help the development of character
  • Integrity and adherence to ethical behavior in all ways at all levels
  • Life-long learning and investment in self-renewal
  • Critical thinking and broad exposure to major global currents
  • Community spirit and commitment to social service


The philosophy espoused by the College of Business and Management at FBSU is based on the following precepts:
  • Each individual student is a major asset and a key responsibility for which we are strictly accountable. Students will be treated at all times with dignity and respect in ways that simultaneously encourage their own unique character as well as their ability to work together as a team.
  • While we are deeply committed to providing business graduates of FBSU with the highest feasible level of technical competence, we also expect them to be leaders who can develop other people and stand out as community-spirited pioneers who can combine quality work with a keen sense of social responsibility.
  • In all programs we offer, we seek to combine the twin criteria of local relevance and global currency. Our programs are predicated on the principle of combining state-of-the-art know-how and a strategy-focus centered on present and emerging local challenges.
  • Integrity is a major requirement to effective business performance. Based on this reality, concern for business ethics looms large in all our programs at all levels.
  • A broad-based business education is, in our view, better able to meet the challenges of the 21st century, than a narrowly-focused highly specialized model. Our programs conform to this rule and are based on a broad common case that branches out into specific lines of expertise.
  • Constantly operating in the spirit of continuous improvement.