Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Academic Affairs

Academic Functions, Policies, Procedures, Guidelines, Forms and Assessment Responsibility
Function Policies Procedures Forms
Faculty Promotion AA-400 Academic Promotion Policy AA-400-P01 Academic Promotion Procedures AA-400-F01 Faculty Promotion Application Form 
          AA-400-F02 Faculty Promotion Evaluation Form
          AA-400-F03 Faculty Promotion Activities Evaluation Form
Faculty Recruitment AA-403 Faculty Recruitment Policy AA-403-P01  Faculty Recruitment Procedures AA-403-F1  Faculty Appointment Decision
Faculty Orientation AA-406 Faculty Orientation Policy AA-406-P01 Faculty Orientation Procedures AA-406-F01  Orientation Attendance Form
Faculty Teaching Load  AA-405 Teaching Load Policy AA-405-P01 Teaching Load Procedure    
    AA-405-P02 Teaching Load Reduction Procedures    
AA-412 Faculty Summer Load Policy        
Faculty Mandate AA-418 Faculty Mandate Policy AA-418-P01 Faculty Mandate Procedure    
Faculty Secondment  AA-417 Faculty Secondment Policy AA-417-P01 Faculty Secondment Procedure    
Faculty Leave AA-413 Faculty Annual Leave Policy        
  AA-416 Faculty Unpaid Leave Policy AA-416-P01 Faculty Unpaid Leave Procedure    
Faculty Resignation & end of Service AA-422 Faculty Resignation Policy AA-422-P01  Faculty Resignation Procedure    
  AA-419 End of Service Policy        
Faculty Disciplinary AA-421 Faculty Disciplinary Policy AA-421-P01 Faculty Disciplinary Procedure    
Academic Advising AA-401 Academic Advising Policy AA-401-P01 Academic Advising Procedure    
Academic Counceling AA-402 Academic Counseling Policy AA-402-P01 Academic Counselling Procedure    
Class Attendance AA-428 Class Attendance Policy   AA-428-F1  Denial (DN) Grade Form
Student Orientation AA-429  Student Orientation Policy AA-429-P01 Student Orientation Procedure    
Institutional Learning Outcomes AA-407 Institutional Learning Outcomes Policy AA-407-G01 Guide to Writing Learning Outcomes    
      AA-407-G02 Guide to Learning Outcomes Assessment    
      AA-407-G03 Guide to Graduate Attributes Assessment     
Learning Outcomes Assessment AA-431 Learning Outcomes Assessment Policy AA-431-P01 Learning Outcomes Assessment Procedure    
Program Learning Outcomes AA-408 Program Learning Outcomes Policy AA-408-P01 Program Learning Outcomes Procedure    
Program Specifications AA-410 Program Specifications Policy       NCAAA Program Specification Template
New Program Design AA-424 New Program Design Policy AA-424-P01 New Program Design Procedures    
Program Amendment AA-420 Program Amendment Policy AA-420-P01 Program Amendment Procedures   Program Specifications Template
Course Learning Outcomes AA-409 Course Learning Outcomes Development Policy AA-409-P01 Course Learning Outcomes Development Procedure    
Course Specifications AA-411 Course Specifications Policy       NCAAA Course Specifications Template 
Course Design AA-432 Course Design Policy AA-432-P01 Course Design Procedures   Respective Program Specifications Template 
Course Syllabus AA-404 Course Syllabus Policy         
Dean Responsibilities AA-425 College Dean Responsibilities Policy        
Department Chair Responsibility AA-426 Department Chair Responsibility Policy