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Admission & Registration

                                                                                    Admission & Registration Functions, Policies, Procedures, Guidelines, Forms and Assessment Responsibility
Function Policies Procedures Forms
Admission & Enrollment AA-100 Admission Policy AA-100-P1 Admission of High School Students Procedure AA-100-F1 Admission Application for Undergraduate Programs
  AA-100-P2 Admission of College Diploma (Bridging) Students Procedure AA-100-F2 Admission Application for Graduate Programs
  AA-100-P3 Admission of Visiting Students Procedure AA-100-F3 Student's File Chick List
    AA-100-F4 Courses Equivalency Form
    AA-100-F5 No objection for Acceptance Letter
    AA-100-F6 Acceptance Letter
AA-107 Re-enrollment Policy AA-107-P1 Re-enrollment Procedure AA-107-F1 Re-enrollment Application Form
Students Transfer AA-109 Undergraduate Students Transfer Policy AA-109-P1 Admission of Transferred Students Procedure AA-109-F1 Change of Major Form
  AA-109-P2 Transfer to another College Procedure AA-109-F2 Transfer to another College Approval Form
  AA-109-P3 Change of Major within the College Procedure  
AA-105 Graduate Students Transfer Policy    
AA-114 Credit Transfer Policy & Procedure
Visiting Students AA-110 Visiting Students Policy AA-110-P1 Visiting Students Admission Procedure AA-110-F1 Taking Off-Campus Courses Application
Study System & Academic Standing AA-101 Study System and Levels Policy   AA-101-F1-Study in English Language Letter
AA-106 Academic Standing Policy AA-106-P1 Academic Probation and Disciplinary Warning Procedure AA-106-F1 Academic Probation Letter
  AA-106-P2 Academic Dismissal Procedure AA-106-F2 Academic Dismissal Letter
    AA-106-F3 Disciplinary Warning Letter
    AA-106-F4 Disciplinary Dismissal Letter
    AA-106-F5 Completed Credit Hours Letter
Registration AA-102 Registration Policy AA-102-P1 Registration Procedure AA-102-F1 Registration Form
    AA-102-F2 Substitute Course Application Form
    AA-102-F3 Overload Registration Applciation Form
     AA-102-F4 Course Audit Application Form
Add & Drop AA-103 Add and Drop Policy AA-103-P1 Add and Drop Procedure AA-103-F1 Drop and Add Application Form
    AA-103-F2 Change of Section Application Form
Withdrawal & Postponement of Study AA-104 Withdrawal and Postponement of Study Policy AA-104-P1 Courses Withdrawal Procedure AA-104-F1 Courses Withdrawal Application Form
  AA-104-P3 University Withdrawal Procedure AA-104-F3 University Withdrawal Application Form
  AA-104-P4 Postponement of Study Procedure AA-104-F4 Postponement of Study Application Form
    AA-104-F5 Medical Report Inquiry
Exams & Assessment AA-108 Exams and Assessments Policy AA-108-P1 Final Exam Scheduling Procedure AA-108-F1 Academic Petition Form
  AA-108-P2 Final Exam Schedule Conflict Procedure AA-108-F2 Request for Final Exam Review Form
  AA-108-P3 Final Grade Entry and Approval Process AA-108-F3 In progress (IP) Grade Approval Form
  AA-108-P4 In progress (IP) Grade AA-108-F4 Change of Grade Form
  AA-108-P5 Final Exam Review Procedure AA-108-F5 Incomplete Grade Approval Form
  AA-108-P6 Change of Grade Procedure AA-108-F6 Final Exam Letter
    AA-108-F7 Training Evaluation Report
Intellectual Freedom AA-113 Academic and Intellectual Freedoms Policy AA-113-P1 Student Academic Appeals and Grievance Procedure  
Keeping & Issueing Academic Records AA-112 Academic Records Policy    
Graduation AA-111 Graduation Policy AA-111-P1 Preparing List of Expected to Graduate Students Procedure AA-111-F1 Student's Data Update Form
  AA-111-P2 Issuing Graduation Documents Procedure AA-111-F2  Student Clearance Form
  AA-111-P3 Updating Students Data Procedure AA-111-F3 Temporary Graduation Certificate
  AA-111-P4 Students Clearance Procedure AA-111-F4 Request for Duplicated Certificate