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Human Resources

Human Resources Functions, Policies, Procedures, Forms and Assessment Responsibility
Function Policy Procedures, Guidelines & Work Instructions Forms
Recruitment AD-100 Recruitment Policy AD-100-P1 Human Resource Planning AD-100-F1 Employment Request Form
  AD-100-P2 Internal Recruitment for Non-Academic Employees Procedure AD-100-F2 Interview Evaluation Form
    AD-100-F3 Recruitment Committee Recomendations Form
  AD-100-P4 Selection Procedure AD-100-F4A Employment Contract for Saudis
  AD-100-P5 New Contract Procedure AD-100-F4B Employment Contract for Non-Saudis
  AD-100-W1 Demand Letter Work Instructions AD-100-F5 Reception Form
  AD-100-W2 Advertisement Work Instruction AD-100-F6 Probation Period Evaluation Form
  AD-100-W3 Post Arrival Work Instructions AD-100-F7 Job Description Form
  AD-100-W4 Probation and Orientation Work Instructions AD-100-F8 Contract Renewal Form
  AD-100-G1 Probation Period Guidelines AD-100-F9 Commencement of Work Form
Work Relocation AD-101 Relocation Policy AD-101-P1 Employee Transference Procedure  
  AD-101-G1 Identification Card Guideline  
  AD-101-G2 New Employee Orientation Guideline  
Work Schedules AD-102 Work Schedules Policy AD-102-P1 Time Attendance Procedure AD-102-F1 Short Leave Request Form
  AD-102-G1 Rest Periods Guideline AD-102-F2 Request for Baby Feeding Hour
  AD-102-G2 Overtime Guideline  
  AD-102-G3 Holidays Guideline  
Employee Benefits AD-103 Benefits Policy AD-103-P2 Loan Procedure AD-103-F1 Contract Amendment Application Form
  AD-103-P3 Pay Increment Procedure AD-103-F2 Advance Cash Request Form
  AD-103-P4 Petty Cash Procedure AD-103-F3 Housing Allowance Request Form
  AD-103-P5 Medical Insurance Procedure AD-103-F4 Furniture Allowance Request Form
  AD-103-G1 Housing and Housing Allowance Guideline AD-103-F5 Return From Leave Form
  AD-103-G2 Travel and Travel Allowances Guideline  
  AD-103-G3 Transportation and Transportation Allowances Guideline  
Personnel AD-104 Personnel Policy AD-104-W1 Business Invitation Letter Work Instructions AD-104-F1 Courier Shipping Request Form
  AD-104-W2 Family Bringing Work Instructions AD-104-F2 letter Request Form
  AD-104-W3 Iqama Renewal Work Instructions  
  AD-104-W5 Iqama Transfer Work Instructions  
  AD-104-W6 Lost Iqama Work Instructions  
  AD-104-W7 Visa Issuance Work Instructions  
  AD-104-W8 Work Permit Card Issuance Work Instructions  
  AD-104-W9 Report Non-returning Employees Work Instructions  
  AD-104-W10 Report of Escaped Employee Work Instructions  
  AD-104-W11 Final Exit Work Instructions  
  AD-104-W12 GOSI Work Instructions  
  AD-104-W13 Medical Insurance Card Issuance Work Instructions  
  AD-104-W14 Exit Re-Entry Work Instructions  
  AD-104-W15 Governmental Financial Settlement Work Instructions  
Leaves AD-105 Leaves Policy AD-105-P1 Annual Leave Procedure AD-105-F1-Leave Request Form
  AD-105-G1 Deferral of Vacation Guideline  
  AD-105-W1 Sickness Vacation Work Instructions  
Travel & Travel Allowance AD-106 Business Travel Policy AD-106-P1 Business Travel Procedure AD-106-F1 Travel Request Form
    AD-106-F2 Expense Repot Form
    AD-106-F3 Travel Allowance Request Form
    AD-106-F4 Travel Request for Visitors Form
Service Termination and Resignation AD-107 Service Termination and Resignation Policy AD-107-P1 Written Warning Procedure AD-107-F1 Resignation Form
  AD-107-P2 Exit Procedure AD-107-F2 Employee Clearance Form
  AD-107-P3 Employees Clearance Procedure AD-107-F3A Exit Interview Arabic
    AD-107-F3B Exit Interview English
Personal Files AD-108 Personal Files Policy AD-108-G1 Release of Staff Information Guideline  
  AD-108-G2 Basic Documents Guideline  
Professional Development and Training AD-110 Professional Development and Training Policy AD-110-P1 Training Communication Procedure AD-110-F1 Training Request Form
  AD-110-P2 Training Coordination Procedure AD-110-F2 Training Evaluation Form
  AD-110-P3 Training Request Procedure AD-110-F3 Candidates for Development Form
  AD-110-P4 Trainees Assessment Procedure  
  AD-110-P5 Training Evaluation Procedure  
  AD-110-P6 Orientation Training Procedure  
Employee Equity & Diversity AD-112 Employee Equity & Diversity Policy    
Performance Appraisal AD-113 Performance Appraisal Policy AD-113-P1 Performance Appraisal Procedure AD-113-F1 Subordinates Performance Evaluation Form
    AD-113-F2 Subordinates Evaluation Outcomes Acknowledgement and Appeal Form 
    AD-113-F3 Subordinates Performance Evaluation Degree of Importance Form
    AD-113-F4 Supervisors Performance Evaluation Form for Directors
    AD-113-F5 Directors Performance Evaluation Form
Faculty Grievance AD-114 Faculty Grievance Policy.