Sunday, April 21, 2024


Since its inception, the University has been interested in quality, so it established the Quality Assurance Center in 2008. A senior University administrator directed it with some load taken off his/her teaching assignments to handle the Center’s affairs. Since fall 2013, a full-time Director was hired for the job. The University President appointed a Quality Assurance Director with a clear mandate and terms of reference.  In 2020 the concern for quality increased, so the University administration established an independent Deanship of Quality and Academic Accreditations (DQAA) to manage quality assurance operations at the University with powers greater than those of the Center. The University council appointed Dean for DQAA with a clear mandate and terms of reference.

DQAA operates as an independent body within the FBSU and reports its findings to the chancellor, Deans of the Colleges, and Department Heads. DQAA collaborates with all colleges, centers, and departments as real partners within the systematic institutional framework to achieve the University’s vision while meeting the NCAAA and requirements and beyond.