Wednesday, February 28, 2024

The Mechanical Engineering Department is committed to providing its students with meaningful, up-to-date skills and knowledge that will allow them to pursue successful engineering careers and make deep impacts both within the Tabuk province and across the Gulf region at large. With these objectives in mind, the ME program is designed around fostering contemporary best practices and skills in line with the job opportunities for mechanical engineers within Tabuk and the Gulf.

Mechanical systems are part of our everyday life, whether it is the car we drive, the plane we fly, the lift we use, or the products we handle. The fields that are part of mechanical engineering are numerous and cover a very large spectrum. This means that the mechanical engineering student has a challenging program to cover, but it also means that the opportunities offered to mechanical engineers are as wide and diverse.

Mechanical engineers are concerned with the planning, design, construction, implementation and operation of mechanical and related systems in a wide variety of situations. Other disciplines including biomechanics, environment protection and many other vital and emerging fields frequently rely on the expertise of mechanical engineers. Mechanical engineers work in a variety of areas including research and development, design, operations, maintenance, quality assurance, bioengineering, transportation (especially automotive and aerospace), energy, heating, ventilating, refrigeration and air conditioning, environmental and life-support systems, chemical, food production, materials processing, automated manufacturing and construction, heavy and precision machinery, robotics, and mechatronics. A wide spectrum of career opportunities is open to them. Because of the very broad nature of their discipline, mechanical engineers are usually in high demand. Beyond working for private enterprise, some graduates may work in government and non-government organizations, others may choose to pursue graduate studies or start their own business.