Sunday, April 21, 2024

The College of Business and Management grants a four-year Bachelor of Business Administration in Generic Business Administration or with a concentration in Management, Marketing, Accounting or Finance. The Bachelor of Business Administration aims to help the students gain an understanding of the social, cultural and economic environment in which they operate. Towards this end, the College is committed to providing superior quality academic education in English, and to continually strive to impart and nurture the highest levels of business knowledge, professionalism, and integrity.

Through its four-year program, the College aspires to provide its students with a dynamic balance between up-to-date business theory and the practical acumen to make meaningful impacts in the region, so as to provide the local and national business community with young managers who are deeply grounded in analytical and soft skill areas such as leadership, decision-making and ethical reasoning.

The college is structured around two departments: the Accounting and Finance Department and the Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship Department. Both departments seek to provide high education standards in business management. They aim to build appropriate management skills among students and facilitate their access to the job market. Together with the Fahd Bin Sultan University, their goal is to provide academic support to the business community throughout the kingdom, and to contribute to the welfare of the kingdom through various applied and theoretical research activities.