Monday, August 08, 2022


The mission of the Department of Renewable Energy Engineering is to provide students with quality education based on a thorough foundation in electrical, mechanical, and renewable sources of energy using the mathematics and physical sciences, and technology; to guarantee students an exposure to major research and practical design experiences in renewable energy engineering; and to enrich the students’ academic experience with global perspective and awareness of their leadership role in regional development.

The Renewable Energy Engineering program is designed to grant students a Bachelor degree upon the successful completion of the four-year curriculum.

Program Objectives

The Department of Renewable Energy Engineering offers an undergraduate program in Renewable Energy Engineering that has the following main objectives:

  1. Provide students with knowledge of the fundamental prerequisites in theory, design, and basic sciences for a career in renewable energy engineering.
  2. Develop in students a range of skills based on theoretical and practical knowledge as well as specialized training in renewable energy engineering.
  3. Develop in students a professional approach to engineering based on strong communication skills, teamwork, responsibility, and high
  4. Equip students with proper tools to address open research problems in renewable energy and to explore opportunities to apply the acquired knowledge in industrial