Monday, September 25, 2023

Welcome to the Department of Natural Sciences at Fahad bin Sultan University

The Department of Natural Sciences is dedicated to developing and providing a solid foundation in physical sciences branch, including physics, chemistry and astronomy. It offers several courses in these subjects, mainly introductory sequence of courses for undergraduate students in computer science and engineering majors. The courses aim to provide students with necessary skills and knowledge in these areas in order to prepare them for careers and science-related fields and be successful in their majors. In addition, the Department offers three lab courses, to better enhance and deepen the students’ understanding of natural sciences and to develop a link between science’s theories and ideas with applications in the student’s daily life. Faculty members at the Department are committed to achieving excellence in teaching, research and community service and to providing students a quality education.


To be a distinguished department in education, scientific research, innovation and community service.


To provide the best education in the fields of natural sciences, both theoretical and experimental, and create supportive educational and research environment suitable and inspiring for students via instilling in them the noble values and life-long learning and honing their skills in accordance with the needs of the local community while at the same time maintaining the highest ethical standards.