Wednesday, February 28, 2024


The mission of the undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering (ME) is to instill in students an understanding of the fundamentals of mechanical engineering, to integrate classroom theory and practical hands-on design projects, to emphasize the process of learning and critical thinking, to develop in students the skills that are necessary to become lifelong learners, and to enlighten them of their leadership role in regional development.


The objectives of the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (BME) program are to produce graduates who will:

• be equipped with a broad educational background in Mechanical Engineering needed to become leaders in industry and the public sector;
• correctly apply gained knowledge, work well with other people, effectively communicate technical information and ideas with the public, their peers, customers, and employers;
• understand the need for life-long learning, the importance and professional involvement, are aware of cultural, societal, and professional issues;
• successfully pursue advanced