Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Core Values

• Reinforcement of national identity and cultural authenticity
• Uncompromising pursuit of quality educational services to students in ways that enhance cognitive skills, cultivate personality and help the     development of character
• Integrity and adherence to ethical behavior in all ways at all levels
• Life-long learning and investment in self-renewal
• Critical thinking and board exposure to major global currents
• Community spirit and commitment to social service


• Provide students with basic foundations in computing to enable them to identify, formulate, and solve computing problems,
• Equip students with basic principles in software and/or hardware and the necessary tools to be able to implement computing solutions,
• Enable students to communicate effectively, think critically, and be life-long learners,
• Instill in students an appreciation of the ethical, social and professional issues in an increasingly diverse and technological society, and
• Prepare students to undertake higher studies in computing or related fields.