Part time Academic Vacancies for the Academic Year 1444-1445 AH in Fahad Bin Sultan University


The university is announcing the need for part-time faculty members in:


Adjunct and part-time faculty appointments are made on a year-to-year, semester-to semester, or quarter-to-quarter basis. Such appointments are not permanent and carry no implication of continuing connection with the university. Workload and compensation are determined by the academic unit head and are to be specified in a contract to be entered into between the university and the individual.

The “adjunct faculty” titles (Adjunct Assistant Professor, Adjunct Associate Professor, and Adjunct Professor) shall be used for part-time academic appointments for individuals who will conduct research and/or teach courses and who will have long-term teaching and service commitments to the academic unit. Adjunct faculty may submit sponsored research and program proposals as principal investigators. An adjunct faculty member may serve as co-adviser for Master of Science students.

Part-time faculty appointments will be made by the academic unit head and approved by the academic dean.

Please send your CV to the corresponding Dean of the college before 1-7-2022