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Dr.Nadim Shbeeb

A/ Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies


Deanship Overview

The Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research (DGSR) was established in 2009 to satisfy the needs for postgraduate education in the region of Tabuk. The deanship currently offers seven graduate programs in Business and Management, Engineering and Computer Science listed below

         Master Program in Business Administration (MBA).
         Executive Master Program in Business Administration (EMBA).
         Master of Human Resource Management (HRM)
         Master program in Civil Engineering.
         Master program in Electrical Engineering.
         Master Program in Computer Engineering.
         Master program in Computer Science.


To be among the leaders of Saudi private universities in inspiring advance knowledge, fostering research collaboration across disciplines, addressing global challenges, promoting ethical conduct in research and ensuring the responsible application of research findings to contribute to the betterment of the Kingdom.


To cultivate a dynamic and transformative graduate learning environment that nurtures intellectually curious scholars, fosters research, and empowers graduates to become qualified researchers in their chosen fields and contributors to the advancement of knowledge, societal progress, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030.

We are committed to:

 Providing a rigorous and research-intensive graduate education: Offering a comprehensive range of master's programs that challenge students to think critically, explore new ideas.
 Fostering a culture of collaboration and interdisciplinary: Encouraging cross-disciplinary research, collaboration, and knowledge exchange, breaking down silos and fostering a vibrant intellectual environment.
 Attracting and supporting top-tier faculty: Recruiting and retaining the brightest minds from around the world, providing them with world-class research facilities, resources, and mentorship.
 Preparing graduates for impactful careers: Equipping graduates with the skills, knowledge, and leadership qualities to excel in academia, industry, and government, making a meaningful difference in the world.
 Aligning research with the Kingdom's Vision 2030: Supporting research that addresses national priorities, contributing to the Kingdom's transformation into a knowledge-based economy and a global leader in innovation.



Core Values

   Academic Excellence
    Intellectual Curiosity and Innovation
    Rigorous Research and Scholarship
     Interdisciplinary Collaboration
    Global Engagement and Impact
    Mentorship and Professional Development
    Ethical Conduct and Integrity


College Objectives

Provide students with an in-depth understanding of the literature in the functional areas of their selected disciplines.
Build research skills of students and give them opportunities to utilize the acquired skills to develop original ideas.
Enhance the analytical skills of students to allow them develop informed judgment, independent thinking, and objective inquiry.
Enrich students’ knowledge about contemporary issues in their respective fields of study.
Offer advanced courses, beyond the baccalaureate level, in various disciplines;
Contribute to the advancement of knowledge for the benefit of a constantly changing Tabuk Community through the efforts of faculty and students.