Program Overview

The Bridging Year Program (BYP) provides opportunities for students who hold a diploma from a two- or three- year technical college to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at Fahad Bin Sultan University. The courses of this Program are designed to bridge the gap between a student’s prior education and the requirements of the third year university courses as seamless as possible. The Program could be completed in two semesters or more depending on the entry level of the student, his/her skills, and the sought program of study. Students who pass the BYP need to spend the third and fourth years of the Bachelor’s degree at FBSU.

The BYP is offered in the following majors:

College of Business and Management: Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources.
    College of Computing: Computer Science, Information Technology, and Computer Engineering.
    College of Engineering: Civil, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering, and Renewable Energy.



To prepare holders of associate degrees for smooth transition into university education.


The BYP seeks to prepare holders of associate degrees to smoothly continue their education in the appropriate majors at FBSU.

Program Objectives

The BYP has two main objectives:

1.  Develop students' scientific competencies and increase their opportunities to succeed in their academic courses and future careers and
2.   Improve students' English language proficiency, IT skills, and knowledge in natural and basic sciences.

Program Learning Outcomes

The BYP is designed to help students develop basic skills and competencies that will prepare them to better engage their major course of study. Students who successfully complete the BYP will be able to:

a)      Effectively utilize the English language essential to their success at the University.
b)      Demonstrate the use of mathematical skills to solve various mathematical problems.
c)      Apply study skills necessary for success at the college level.




To be admitted to the BYP, a diploma graduate must:

  1. 1.   Satisfy University admission criteria; see the “University admission criteria’’.
  2.   Be a graduate of a KSA-accredited academic organization.
  3.  Have passed the official technical exam administered by the relevant governmental authority in case the Diploma was issued by a private academic institution.
  4.  Have a Secondary School degree (scientific stream) for admission to the Colleges of Computing and Engineering.

Duration of the Program

The duration of the BYP is normally one or two semesters depending on the entry level of the student, his/her performance, and the sought program of study.