Welcome to the website of FBSU’s College of Business and Management.

The College, which celebrates its 16th anniversary this year, has come a long way in a short period of time; offering an undergraduate program with six majors in addition to three graduate programs; the MBA, Human Resource Management and the Executive MBA. The College provides exciting educational opportunities for students from all backgrounds and locations.

The success of the College can be attributed to the contemporary curriculum that is keeping with the needs of today’s highly evolving Saudi business environment, and the dedicated professional faculty members who have provided the theoretical knowledge and practical applications in various areas of business. Using the College’s extensive network of faculty and corporate partners has enriched the students’ learning experience and business repertoire.

Joining the College of Business will equip students with a broad range of knowledge, skills and expertise that are highly sought after in today’s global economy, and will develop the student’s values, improve self-awareness, and entice an inner drive for excellence that will serve the student throughout life. We are very proud of our alumni, many of whom have occupied senior positions in organizations across the Kingdom, while many others are pursuing graduate studies at prestigious universities across the globe.  

The College offers an amazing opportunity for prospective students to make the choice to shape their future.  As you explore the website, you will learn more on how the College of Business can put you on the path to success in business and in life. 

I hope you will make the right choice.


Ahmed H. Alrefai; Associate Professor

Acting Dean of the College of Business & Management



To become a leading business college capable of equipping graduates with professional competences and commitment to business ethics to serve the business development needs in Tabuk and the rest of KSA.


The College of Business and Management is committed to achieve and maintain a recognized position as a credible provider of high quality undergraduate and graduate business education. We are committed to adopt focused teaching and research philosophy that combines theory and practice and imparting graduates with a commitment to life-long learning and professional competence. The College also prepares its graduates to be professionals who play an entrepreneurial role in the Kingdom and the region and are capable of conducting research, entrepreneurial and decision-making to contribute effectively in building their society according to the highest ethical standards.


Core Values

Uncompromising pursuit of quality educational services to students in ways that enhance cognitive skills, cultivate personality and help the development of character
Critical thinking and broad exposure to major global currents
  Life-long learning and investment in self-renewal
  Integrity and adherence to ethical behavior in all ways at all levels
   Community spirit and commitment to social service
   Reinforcement of national identity and cultural authenticity


    Providing sound business education to students from the Tabuk area and other parts of the Kingdom.
Graduating highly qualified employable business specialists who can meet the changing requirements of the labor market at the para-professional, professional and senior professional levels in such areas as Management, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Management of Information Systems and related competencies.
    Providing faculty members with the needed facilities and with an international exposure to partner institutions in order for them to develop their academic expertise.
 Building close ties of cooperation with industry within and beyond Tabuk with a view to fostering strategic partnerships, cultivating various programs of cooperation and complementing each other in the interest of better management practices.
   Providing relevant open-ended, customized, function-specific and sector-specific management training programs to private and public organizations in Tabuk and the rest of the Kingdom.
    Building capacity for conducting applied research relevant to the needs of various companies and sectors.
 Cooperating with other Business Colleges in KSA and outside to build networks, leverage resources and better fulfill the mission.

Career Opportunities

The College Programs are committed to providing the local region's residents with meaningful, up- to-date skills and knowledge that will allow them to pursue successful careers and make deep impacts both within the Tabuk province, and across the Gulf region at large. With these objectives in mind, the programs have been designed around fostering contemporary best practices and skills in line with the job opportunities within Tabuk and the Middle East.

As such, the College programs aim to provide the graduates with relevant business knowledge and practices to cater to these three key areas, and to help promote development, growth and prosperity in the region. Courses target the cultivation of practical business tools to pursue strategic development and integration of the agricultural sector with other prominent sectors in the region and to allow students to pursue managerial and administrative positions within the growing firms in this sector. Accounting, Finance, Management, and Marketing programs cater to the development of these key skills.

Graduates of the College's Bachelor Degree in Accounting and Finance are poised to take advantage of numerous job opportunities in financial institutions and major economic institutions within the Tabuk province itself, and in the growing Saudi and Gulf markets. In addition the Accounting and Finance programs enable graduates to join the growing financial services industry within Tabuk and become the future leaders within the Gulf’s top financial services firms.

Similarly, the Management program is designed to attract the best and brightest students from all regions within Saudi Arabia, to develop their management and administration skills and enable them to serve on the highest levels in different sectors including the military, government, and in the booming construction sector.

Admissions and Graduation Requirements

§  Student admission to the Bachelor of Business Administration is based on the requirements of the national center for evaluation and measurement, the general University admission criteria, as well as specific criteria set by the College of Business and Management. All direct admissions are decided by the University Admissions Committee.

§  To graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration, students must satisfactorily complete 138 credit  hours with a cumulative average as decided by the University Council.

§  All third year business students are required to fulfill a summer (July and August) internship period of at least eight weeks of specialized work on individual basis. This includes training and practice in an actual service in a technical, business, or governmental establishment under both faculty supervision by a mentor and corporate guidance by a preceptor who will acquaint students with the world of work. The preceptor will also help interns acquire the core values and basic skills necessary for an understanding of the business world. Interns will be assigned tasks and responsibilities commensurate with their skills and qualifications.

Bridging Program

The bridging program allows students with a two year technical diploma to continue their studies to earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. The program gives credit to up to 40% of equivalent courses previously taken. Placement exams are administered at the beginning of studies to offer compensatory coursework and build a solid foundation to participating students.

Admission Requirements

Admission of Diploma graduates to the B.Ad. program at the College of Business & Administration is based on the General University admission requirements. The applicant must, however, be a graduate of a KSA-accredited academic organization and must have passed the official technical exam administered by the relevant governmental authority. A student applying to the program may first be admitted to the foundation program that may take up to one year to complete based on his/her performance in the English Entrance Exam and in the placement exams.

Program Requirements

In order to graduate with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration a diploma holder is expected to complete a total of 134 credit hours by the end of his fourth year of academic courses. He is entitled to get an exemption for up to 40% of the required credits depending on his entry qualifications. Hence the program of study can normally be completed in about two years beyond the Foundation Year Program (for a student entering in Bridging English level 2).