Welcome to the website of the Deanship of Quality and Academic Accreditation at Fahad bin Sultan University s vision of excellence and leadership, And we at Deanship realize that excellence does not come with wishful thinking. And it's not as easy as never before easy or possible without constantly doing the best to reap the breath and the most precious, It needs will, determination, planning and structured teamwork, and we recognize that quality and excellence cannot be obtained without the involvement of all stakeholders, students, workers and those affected by the University's work at the local and global levels.

We recognize that attention to quality must be systematic, systematic and continuous. The University's quality system must be implemented within the legal and regulatory framework in a clear and transparent manner, including files, documents, processes and quality personnel.

The Deanship acts as an independent body within the University and reports its findings to the Rector, Deans of Colleges and Heads of Units. It works in cooperation with all colleges, centres and departments as genuine partners within a structured institutional framework to achieve the University's vision.

We believe that quality is to keep abreast of the development and contribute to it, so we are keen to develop the working tools within the latest standards in this field. All the staff of the Dean are listening ears and open minds for any proposal that comes to us via e-mail or by any means of communication.