Tasks and responsibilities

  1. Ensure that quality control policies and procedures are in place in all administrative processes in units, departments and colleges.
  2. Holding workshops and courses to develop employees' skills in applying quality standards.
  3. Develop performance indicators and set national and international standards.
  4. Collect, analyse and report data and information on performance indicators for their archives.
  5. Communicate with the university administration and stakeholders to take the necessary actions to develop performance based on the reports issued by the Deanship.
  6. Follow up on reports of commitment by all units to implement the University's policies and procedures.
  7. Representing the University in conferences and events related to the work and functions of the Quality Assurance Center.
  8. Ensure that university colleges and units adhere to the quality standards issued by the National Accreditation and Academic Evaluation Authority or any competent authority.
  9. Follow-up on the implementation of the University's strategic plan.
  10. Communicate with national and international academic accreditation bodies and coordinate with university units and colleges to work towards institutional and programmatic accreditation.
  11. Periodic and regular follow-up to ensure that the university administration and its various units implement the necessary procedures for improvement and development based on the reports issued by the Deanship.