University Admission Criteria

Applicants to FBSU must satisfy the following eligibility requirements:
1. Hold a Secondary College Certificate from KSA or any equivalent certificate from inside or outside KSA attained within five years
2. Have passed the National Skills Exam
3. Should be medically fit
4. Hold a certificate of good conduct
5. If the student is an employee in any sector, s/he must present a “No-Objection Certificate” from his/her employer.
6. Should not have been dismissed for academic or any other reason from any university.
7. Fulfill any other requirements of the University Council at the time of application.
8. Fulfill desired program requirements.

A student who satisfies the above criteria has to take placement tests in English, Mathematics, and Information Technology. However, students who fail to achieve the required minimum score on one or more of the placement tests will be required to complete additional remedial work by joining the University’s Foundation Year Program.