Dean's Message

The student represents the most important link in the university education system. The students' relationship begins and ends with the university through the Deanship of Admissions and Registration. It is in this spirit that the Deanship senses the weight of its responsibility to provide the best services to all those who need them, especially the student.

The Deanship has been associated with students since the beginning of their university life. It plans the student admission procedures annually in cooperation with colleges and other deanships. They continue to pursue them academically and overcome obstacles on their way until they graduate from the University armed with science to move towards building the future and renaissance of the homeland after many years of grandfather, perseverance and educational attainment in various sciences and knowledge, to contribute to the service and elevation of their homeland.

To that end, the student needs many of the services offered by the University, the most important of which is the course registration process. To facilitate the student's mission, the Deanship constantly seeks to enable the student and the student to help themselves by providing the information they need on the University's website. One of the most important sources of this information is the Study Plans Handbook and the Study Regulations Handbook. The Deanship is also constantly adding new electronic services to facilitate the student's mission. On the other hand, the Deanship provides a number of services (early) such as early admission service and early registration service. The Deanship also provides a large number of services and data to multiple entities inside and outside the University to assist them in planning their mandated tasks.

In conclusion, we ask God to reconcile our children and girls with students in their scientific and practical lives.