Director's Message:

Fahad bin Sultan University has been taking initiatives for achieving its goals and target, the university is, therefore, exerting its utmost efforts to l dr hussain 1537264235accomplish its mission through launching important and necessary academic programs and departments to meet the  Kingdom's vision and aspirations, and fulfill the needs of the local community. In line with this mission, and for the purpose of  enhancing the bonds of communication between languages, cultures, civilizations and nations, the university has  established FBSU Translation and Language Editing Centre. Hence, it offers its services to the region as well as to the whole  world. The center mission is to provide the highest and best levels of translation, language editing and interpretation in all its  forms for the university students, in particular, and for those who benefit from these services from the private and governmental sectors in general. The center revises, proofreads, edits and translates all types of documents, files, official letters, books, web pages, research  papers, research abstracts, master's and doctoral theses, and articles from Arabic into English and vice versa. It also works  and cooperates with individuals, private and governmental institutions, educational institutions, companies, advertising  agencies and other organizations by providing them with the highest quality of its various services. Finally, we welcome you and we are pleased to offer the best level of accuracy and quality of translation and language editing; they are carried out by qualified and specialized translators from the university, and you will get copies of your documents that are translated, certified and stamped from Fahad bin Sultan University.


Allah grants success Sincerely,


Director of FBSU Translation and Language Editing Center Fahad Bin Sultan University