The vision of the Alumni Office is to promote deserving graduates  to be active competitors in the regional and global job market.


The Alumni Office at Fahd Bin Sultan University in Tabuk is a link between the graduate and the labor market. We prepare, train, qualify and provide job opportunities to bridge the merits gap between the graduate with the requirements of the labor market within the framework of an efficient, fair, sustainable and flexible institutional system, therefore granting the graduate student the potenial to unleash his/her competitive potential to the maximum within the regional and global markets and to highlight his/her capabilities as an ambassador for Fahd Bin Sultan University.

Alumni Office Core Values:

Availability: Providing training and qualification for all graduates without discrimination.

Quality: Having the highest level of quality of training and qualification programs to bridge the competency gap.

Flexibility: To constantly meet the needs of the labor market.

Innovation: In all offered programs for graduates.

Continuous development: to keep pace with the updated and current jobs, tasks, responsibilities and roles.