FBSU offers a limited number of packages under the Student Employment Program every term, excluding summer. This form of privilege is a win-win proposition: it provides some help to qualified students who need assistance with college expenses and in return, students are required to work in various campus offices up to 15 hours per week. Students benefiting from this program can benefit from a tuition waiver to be decided by the University Council.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for FBSU Student Employment Program, a student must demonstrate an evidence of need and should maintain the following average and status requirements:

a. A minimum cumulative GPA 3.0
b. A minimum GPA of 3.0 in the student’s last full-load term
c. Carry a minimum load of 12 credits during the term of employment

Any student who fails to satisfy the eligibility criteria will not be granted a privilege under this program. Newly admitted students are not eligible for this program during their first term at FBSU.


Students are required to submit in person a Student Employment application by August 10th of the year for the next Fall term and by the end of December for the next Spring term. Students granted employment should coordinate with the Student Affairs Office for their work assignments.


Student Employment privilege will be revoked if the student:
• Does not fulfill his/her duties in a previous contract as required.
• Receives a disciplinary probation as a result of misbehavior.
• Had intentionally presented false evidence or misleading statements in the employment application.

Such violations may jeopardize the student’s chances of benefiting from the program in the future.