About the Center:

FBSU Translation and Editing Centre is a unique and different translation institution, combining academic affairs and commercial services together. This center has been established to provide the highest quality of translations and language editing for students and beneficiaries from the local community and the Kingdom or from anywhere in the world.  The translators who perform the translation and editing process in this center are university academicians, and they are specialized in both translation and languages, and have long and various experience in translation.

Moreover, the translation center mixes between the academic and translation services in a dynamic way that makes the center always at the forefront in this field. In this regard, the center's staff apply their theoretical knowledge of translation, including translation theories and strategies, in the translation process. Research, translation and training are also amalgamated to improve the translators' skills regularly and continuously, which enable them to better serve the community and clients and meet their needs in the field of communication, language and translation.