Translation and language editing prices:

Dear researcher, student, client,

Our only and principal goal is to establish a sustainable and lasting relationship with our clients and to provide them with the best and highest quality of translation, proofreading and editing. Therefore, please, remember that the price is equivalent to quality, and that our prices vary from project to another according to the requirements of the client, its field of specialization and the type of document or file to be translated or edited. Our prices are also more competitive and reasonable than you will ever find.

However, the following items will be considered when calculating the price:

  • Number of words or time period (for interpreting services
  • Type of language
  • Translation field ( the subject)
  • Editing, proofreading and modifications required in the source and target files
  • The expecting time needed for completing the service.
  • For certificates, documents and official personal papers (birth certificates, marriage contracts, graduation certificates, transcripts, etc.), their prices depend on the document itself, the estimated time, effort and required translation work.

 Translation steps:

 The staff of the Center assure that our clients will get the fastest and best quality of services. At the same time, the center ensures that you can access your project, track its stages and take an active role in completing the project. Moreover, the translation center provides you with a comprehensive and effective service at competitive prices, and we also adapt our expertise to your needs.

The accuracy and quality of translation and language editing make us a distinct and excellent choice for clients who want to make sure that their translation needs are met; and we always make ourselves available to assist you all the time. The center’s policy is to put ourselves at the place of the owner of the project and achieve his/her satisfaction by providing them with the high-quality of translation and language services.

Please, contact us to learn more about our experience, capabilities and services. Provide us with information as much as possible about your project, in order to estimate the appropriate time and price needed to complete your project.

Please do not hesitate to ask any related question by email. Our years of experience and translation skills and language expertise serve and work for you.