FBSU Translation and Language Editing Center is dedicated its utmost efforts to achieve the following goals:

  1. Providing the highest quality of translation and language editing of texts to individuals, the governmental and private sectors.
  2. Having professional interpreters in the field of interpretation, in all its forms, such as simultaneous, sight interpreting, consecutive…etc..
  3. Developing and improving the translators’ capabilities in local translation institutions and centers by holding training courses and workshops in this respect.
  4. Contributing to the development of the Arabicization and translation movement in the Kingdom.
  5. Enriching Libraries with the translated books and research in order to participate in the spread of knowledge.

Main tasks:

  1. Translating all types of documents, official correspondences, books, research papers and research abstracts, master's and doctoral theses, and articles from Arabic and English, and vice versa.
  2. Proofreading and editing all graduation projects, CVs, master's and doctoral projects and theses and their abstracts in Arabic and English.
  3. Strengthening the translation position in the academic and global settings.
  4. Transferring knowledge and science through the translation of useful international books and research into and from Arabic language, and this is done through projects from the university directly or through cooperation with the local and international institutions and companies.
  5. Encouraging and supporting the translation and Arabicization movement in the Kingdom and the Arab world.
  6. Writing, compiling and publishing various scientific and academic terms in the form of dictionaries and glossaries in English and Arabic.
  7. Holding seminars, workshops, conferences and courses in the fields of translation.
  8. Motivating faculty members at Prince Fahd bin Sultan University to translate textbooks and important books related to their areas of specialization and useful to students in particular and to local community and the Kingdom in general.
  9. Offering all its translation services and facilities to the local communities, companies and institutions.
  10. Providing all facilities and capabilities to accomplish the task of translation in private and local governmental institutions, such as the escort, sight and simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in all areas of science and technology.
  11. Training novice translators and interpreters in various issues related to translation.
  12. Setting proper translation indicators and standards.
  13. Collecting data and information related to the translation performance indicators to analyze and archive them and issue the necessary reports.
  14. Representing the university in conferences and events related to the work and tasks of the Center.

Regular /periodic tasks:

 We work and cooperate with individuals, private and governmental institutions, educational institutions, companies, and advertising agencies through:

  • Providing them with certified translations for personal documents, promotional materials, brochures, manuals, product tags and brands, business cards, websites, advertisements and much more.
  • Concluding cooperation agreements of translation and language editing with companies and institutions.
  • Offering all types and forms of interpretation to clients, including simultaneous, consecutive, sight and audiovisual interpreting in all fields, medical, technical, legal, educational, etc.
  • Training novice translators and language specialists through holding workshops, training courses, seminars and various conferences.
  • Giving advice, guidance and training to translators.
  • Proofreading and reviewing the students and clients’ documents in a scientific way.
  • Purchasing the translation permission from the author or publisher of the original book for the purpose of translating the most useful, popular and important books.
  • Checking and reviewing the quality of translation and rating it, and recommending that it can or cannot be published through the university, if any.
  • Archiving all the activities carried out by the center and making use of the university's database to achieve this.

The survey questionnaires that the center conducts:

  1. Translation evaluation checklist.
  2. Questionnaire for the evaluation of translation courses and workshops.
  3. Satisfaction survey (for the beneficiaries).

And other necessary questionnaires.